Size Guides

Please use this page to find sizing information for our various product types. If you require any further assistance please contact us, we will be very happy to help.

Belt Size Guide

Country Direct x Pampeano polo belts are measured from the start of the leather at the buckle, to the middle hole. As a guide, someone who wears size 32" trousers, or size 10 trousers, would need a 90cm polo belt. 

To find out your size, please see Pampeano's international size chart below.
(Please note: All suggested belt sizes are based on wearing the belt around your hips).

Alternatively, you can measure your existing belt to the hole you wear it on in centimetres, and choose the Pampeano polo belt which has the closest number.

Dog Collar Size Guide

Pampeano dog collars range in size for XS - XL.

To select the best fitting dog collar, we advise you to measure your dog's existing collar from where the leather starts and joings the buckle (A in the diagram), to the hole that is most used (in cm).

The sizing chart below shows the internal dog collar circumference, per hole, per size. Choose the size clostest to where your measurement sits between the 2nd and 3rd hold measurements.

The Pampeano dog collar has holes either side for adjustment.