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Equestrian out in the field - Horse rider and horse cantering during cross country.

For equestrian and country people, finding high quality products at an affordable price point is a challenge. We want items that are durable and stylish, but without the ever rising price tags. 

That's where Country Direct comes in. 

Founded in the English countryside by people just like you and I, Country Direct work directly with leading manufacturers in the field to offer you premium products, without the premium price tag of traditional brands

A selection of different coloured equestrian whips by Country Direct.
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What would you like to see more of?

Over the coming months our collection of premium brands will be growing and we want you to be a part of that. We'd love to hear what you are looking for or would like to see more of in general. Please do let us know by sending us a quick message here.

Michael Darley - CEO of Country Direct.

A Message from Michael Darley, Co Founder

"I would like to welcome you to Country Direct. Since leaving HM forces in 2007 I have spent all my time within the Equestrian industry and have had the pleasure of developing products with some of the industries leading manufacturers.

This has given me the opportunity to find and source only only the best quality products at affordable prices. I am excited to share those products with you now via wholesale and retail channels, through Country Direct."

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