A Guide To Equestrian Whip Regulations - British Showjumping 2023

Close-up of a horse and rider with Country Direct Rubber Handle Cushion Jump Bat and reins in hand.

As an equestrian enthusiast, you might be aware of the importance of rules and regulations in equestrian sports. Showjumping, one of the most popular disciplines in the sport, is no exception. In fact, it has its own set of rules that must be followed to ensure the safety and welfare of both the horse and the rider. An important aspect of showjumping rules is the use of whips, and according to the 2020 British Showjumping whip rules, it is essential to have a whip that complies with these regulations.

It is essential to understand that whips cannot be used to force the horse into performance. Instead, they are used as an aid to promote gentle encouragement and straightness in the horse's movement. In British Showjumping competitions, the use of excessive whip pressure is not allowed, and any rider found violating this rule could be penalized or disqualified.

With animal welfare and compliance to regulation in mind, it is important for riders to be able to shop with faith and reassurance that the equipment that they invest in is not only of the highest quality, but also compliant with British Showjumping 2020 Regulations. As such, you can shop with confidence on the Country Direct website, as our British Showjumping 2020 Regulation Compliant Whips are clearly marked with a badge of compliance, removing any worry. You can also get in touch with our team of experts, happy to help with any of your questions relating to our products and services.

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